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"Saving Paws" serves Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding communities.
Adoptions nationwide are offered through partner rescues and by special arrangement.

Because GSDs do NOT thrive well in shelter situations, Saving Paws Rescue, AZ would like to have all of our dogs living in nice foster homes, not in shelters. We are constantly in need of foster families while we work on finding placements for all our rescues..

Phone call (480) 737-6089 or email, email is best to contact us.


For adoptions the process begins with completing and submitting the Adoption Application

Adoption Application

Our Adoption Process

"Saving Paws" works individually with each potential adopter to assure a good match and successful placement. Please remember ... We are all volunteers, most work fulltime at day jobs, have our own dogs and families and are doing this to make a difference in the lives of needy dogs who have already been through enough misfortune. We appreciate your patience while we work through the Adoption process. By adopting a rescue dog  you have also given us the opportunity to save another life. The specific adoption process can vary and includes:


Fill out and submit the new (easy) online Adoption Application to SPR

This allows us to review and ensure a perfect match for you and the dog. It also provides us the opprtunity to ensure all adoption requirements are addressed for the dogs safety and that of your family.


Telephone and or email consultation.

Contact us and leave your name and phone number and/or email, along with a convenient time to return your call. Because we are an all volunteer organization, we try to return all calls within 24-48 hours. When the volunteer calls back, they will go over our requirements for adoption as well as answer any questions you might have. It's a good idea to write down your questions so you won't forget.


"Meet & Greet" with selected animals.

We like at least 1 hour This is great time to ask questions, voice concerns, discuss what you love in a dog, what you’d rather avoid, etc.


Adoption is started.

At the discretion of Saving Paws Rescue - A reference check and home visit and other concerns and issues may be required or asked.

Please Note ...
Our only concern is to match you and our dogs with a safe and caring environment, and provide you with devoted, loving, loyal companion that matches your situation.

We offer a 10 day trial time period. 

A full refund of the adoption fee, less any administrative fee, should the adoption not work, or another dog.


Checkup at the conclusion of the trial.

Completion of the adoption process.
Any additional follow up or assistance required.

Complete and submit our Adoption Application to begin the process


  • Adoption fees and donations offset the extremely high cost of veterinary care, food, boarding and numerous other expenses.

  • Fees may be adjusted to accommodate special needs, multiple adoptions, partner rescues or dogs with exceptional interest, degree of training or documented titles.

  • With payment of the adoption fee the dog becomes the legal property of the new owner, therefore is also responsible for any ongoing cost involved with adopting the dog.

Because we rarely know the backgrounds of the dogs in our program, we can't make definitive statements about their health or temperaments. We can only provide information about our observations of the dog while it is in our program, under our care or with our volunteers. Saving Paws Rescue, AZ cannot be held responsible once the dog goes off the property of CCC We no longer have control of the dog.


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Saving Paws Rescue has found homes for over 250 dogs. If you are interested in reading about some of our successful placements visit individual dog pages of those listed on the following page ... Click Here


BigFoot BigFootTheron

Big Foot was one of the many dogs rescued from the Parker Hoarder. SPR was happy to save him from a certain death due to his age (we're sure that he would have been left to die in the desert after that "HOARDER" took off). At one point he was so sick we thought we'd loose him! But Big Foot's character shone through and after he started feeling better he charmed us all and became quite the ladies man around the rescue.
((from Theron) - I met Bigfoot 3 years ago while living in AZ. I worked for the man who at the time was able to care for these dogs. 8 months later I went back for a visit and saw that things had changed for the worse. I tried to get him help but for whatever reason he didn't take my advise. I saw a post online andI contacted Trish and she told me the story. I knew right then and there he had to come home.I feel like a weight has been taken off me. I promised him I'd see him again
Kindred Hearts Transport stepped in and put together a small army of volunteer drivers that spanned all the southern states and brought him home over 2200 miles to me. Trish Houlihan was there very early to see him off. This all happened through the power of FB. SPR did not know Theron before this, pretty amazing!
March 24, 2013 - (From Theron) ...BIG FOOT is home He is now, right now, home. Finally. Thank you forever for saving my friends life and helping me make good on a 3 year old promise to him. Bigfoot is here!. He had a long trip. He will not leave my side in the house. I move he moves. He's all over me right now and Nadja his cousin will not leave him alone. Kisses galore, and he's wagging his tail pretty hard.
A quick update from Theron - He's learning sit, down, stand, and can shake hands. Also he LOVES his belly rubs and has figured out that the couch is super comfy
Saving Paws Rescue, AZ sincerely thanks the many businesses and volunteers who have so generously supported our mission within the past twelve months.
We encourage friends and visitors to patronize these kind businesses and to thank them for their contributions.
Their contributions help make possible our efforts to help thousands of cats, dogs, and people every year.

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